History of photography

Introduction – Hello friends, how are you , my name is Jayadev. Today I am going to tell about the history of photography.

The camera is a device that can capture the emotions of others. For the first time, Louis le prince advanced the concept of capturing the senses of the camera, whether by video or by photo

The invention of the camera is identified from the work of Ibn al-Hetham, who invented the Pinhole camera. Since the 1500’s, the Obscura has been used as a drawing tool Since the late 1700s, portable cameras have been used in tents and boxes as camera imaging equipment called the Abskura

Two of the most important principles of ancient history began with the discovery of the full principle: the camera obscures the projection of the camera and some objects are visible in contact. All of these artifacts are described in the 1800 century

Who to photography started

The world’s first photograph—or at least the oldest surviving photo—was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 or 1827. Captured using a technique known as heliography

(1) While the term photography was coined in the early 19th-century, Greek mathematicians had been making pinhole cameras since the 4th century

(2) The history of photography has always been filled with innovation, as imagery has continued to develop along with the technology photographers have on hand (3) Most early photos used the daguerreotype process invented by Louis Daguerre, but technical inventions have created endless possibilities for photographers. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to learn about some of the famous first photographs that have changed how we view the world.

Fast camera

It was first discovered in 1817 by Nichephorus Nips, in which he used a small camera and a piece of paper with a silver chloride, which he described in detail.

The first photographic camera for commercial use was a daguerreotype, built in 1839 by Alphonse Xerox.each device and accessories costing 400 francs

First camera photo

• 1st generation

The first photographic camera developed for commercial manufacture was a daguerreotype camera, built by Alphonse Giroux in 1839. Giroux signed a contract with Daguerre and Isidore Niépce to produce the cameras in France, with each device and accessories costing 400 francs.image plate on the inner box. By sliding the inner box, objects at various distances could be brought to as sharp a focus as desired. After a satisfactory image had been focused on the screen, the screen was replaced with a sensitized plate. A knurled wheel controlled a copper flap in front of the lens, which functioned as a shutter

Second generation

Charles Chevalier, who had earlier provided Niépce with lenses, created in 1841 a double-box camera using a half-sized plate for imaging. Chevalier’s camera had a hinged bed, allowing for half of the bed to fold onto the back of the nested box. In addition to having increased portability, the camera had a faster lens, bringing exposure times down to 3 minutes, and a prism at the front of the lens, which allowed the image to be

designed by Joseph Petzval

The f/3.5 Petzval lens was nearly 30 times faster than any other lens of the period, and was the first to be made specifically for portraiture. Its design was the most widely used for portraits until Carl Zeiss introduced the anastigmat lens in 1889

‌What was the first camera called

1888 he introduced the Kodak camera, the first camera that was simple and portable enough to be used by large numbers of amateur photographers. The camera was sold with film sealed inside, and the whole unit was mailed back to Rochester for film processing and replacement. In 1900 Eastman

‌‌Types of first camera in india

After the turn of the 20th century, increasingly commercial demand for portrait photography led to the opening of studios in major Indian cities

Raja Deen Dayal

The Maharaja of Ajaigarh with his Three Sons.Bundelkhand, Central India, circa 1882.Albumen print

Raja Deen Dayal, one of India’s most celebrated 19th-century photographers, was appointed as a court photographer to the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad who allowed him unique access to the inner circles of aristocratic life.

History of the camera film

The use of photographic film was pioneered by George Eastman, who started manufacturing paper film in 1885 before switching to celluloid in 1888–1889. His first camera, which he called the “Kodak”, was first offered for sale in 1888. The emulsion will gradually darken if left

Photographic film

exposed to light, but the process is too slow and incomplete to be of any practical use. Instead, a very short exposure to the image formed by a camera lens is used to produce only a very slight chemical change, proportional to the amount of light absorbed by each crystalThis creates an invisible latent image in the emulsion, which can be chemically developed into a visible photograph. In addition to visible light, all films are sensitive to ultraviolet light, X-rays and gamma rays, and high-energy particles.

Camera obscura

Alhazen (or Ibn al-Haytham) is said to have actually invented the camera obscura, as well as the pinhole camera which is based on the same idea. He carried out experiments with candles and described how the image is formed by rays of light travelling in straight lines

Types of camera

(1) DSLR cameras.

(2) Mirrorless cameras.

(3) Bridge cameras.

(4) Compact digital camera.

(5) Film cameras.

(6) Action cameras.

(7) 360 cameras.

(8) Smartphone cameras.


(1) camera photo click to save time

(2) artist and camera to photo click artist long time to create a picture.

(3) camera a small time creative picture

(4) any moment open the camera and click a picture

(5) portable board very heavy

(6) picture click not a easy work


(1) this camera is only black and white picture click

(2) not real colour pic this camera

(3) that is big size

(4) detailing and sharpness not properly view

(5) portable board very heavy

(6) picture click not a easy work


Being an old camera, it takes a lot of effort

If your hand moves here and there even a little bit, you will not be able to click the photo.

The size of the camera is so big that it is a lot of trouble to take it out here.

At the time when this camera came, there was no option other than this camera to take pictures.The camera was the only device in which we could click photos.

At the same time there was only one mecine on which we can also make videos.

In today’s modern youth cameras, we can take a lot of videos and photos in a good way.

Nowadays the camera is such an option that even in this modern era, we can take a lot of good videos and photos and there is nothing else.

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